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The Galician food service company

Leading social and private catering company in Galicia.

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We specialise in healthy eating, offering tasty and healthy solutions that meet the nutritional needs of every individual.


The Galician company Culinaria has established a solid reputation within the collective and social catering sector thanks to a track record spanning over 20 years. The company specialises in the provision of healthy food services, offering tasty and nutritionally balanced meals that can be adapted to all types of diets.

We cook and serve tasty, varied, balanced and age-appropriate dishes and menus which fulfil both Galician culinary preferences and specific individual needs, thanks to our nutritional, dietary or clinical approach that ensures that you eat tasty yet healthy food.

in numbers


years of experience

in leading public and private services



who undergo continuous training to ensure their high degree of specialisation


weekly dishes on offer

that meet the needs of professionals and companies, as well as individual users with specific dietary requirements


dishes cooked daily

thanks to top-notch planning and logistical organisation

we offer

An Atlantic gastronomic

Here at Culinaria, we have taken on the challenge to create a specifically Galician gastronomic offering: with fresh and local cuisine that offers the benefits of the Atlantic diet.

We use high quality Galician produce with a seal of quality, selecting seasonal products and fresh crops that fully preserve all of their nutritional value.

As we’ve always done

We cook exactly as you do at home, using tasty and healthy recipes to create dishes that we then vacuum pack to ensure their correct preservation.

It is as simple as that:
traditional, fresh and local cuisine, prepared without additives or preservatives and with high quality Galician produce.


Ready meals

Tasty and nutritional meals that you can heat up in the microwave or oven in just three minutes.

Cocina transportada en caliente o en frío

Long-lasting food using either hot or cold transportation

Dishes are cooled quickly, ensuring that the food preserves its properties for up to 21 days.

Equipo de especialistas en Calidad y Nutrición

Endorsed by a team of Quality and Nutrition specialists

Dishes are prepared with recipes and techniques that ensure the preservation of all of the ingredients’ organoleptic and nutritional properties.

Respuesta a los distintos comensales

Continuously developing the extensive gastronomical offering

More than 500 different dishes that meet the needs of different diners, including those with specific dietary requirements.

Carta adaptada a los gustos de todas las personas

Menu adapted to everyone’s tastes

Traditional and more modern dishes, with options tailored to health and social care or professional catering settings.

& answers

A solution to meet every need

We have created a corporate structure designed to provide our clients, both in the public and private sector, with a comprehensive and agile service that meets their specific needs. That is why our activities are organised into different divisions so that we can offer specialised solutions which take into consideration the specific characteristics of each service. 

We adapt to the different needs of each client, in terms of distribution and service provision, and we also offer a wide variety of formats when it comes to portion sizes and dish presentations.

We use our own fleet to distribute meals, using either cold or hot transportation depending on the needs of each service.

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We provide solutions for the professional hospitality, hotel and distribution sectors (large-scale distribution or retail), and other entities with catering needs.

Ampliar información Culinaria Senior

Culinaria Sénior – with its own section, Xerocatering, which provides services that meet the needs of the elderly.

Ampliar información Culinaria San

At Culinaria San we develop special nutritional projects for clinical environments.

Ampliar información Culinaria On

A response to new technology and people’s needs. Culinaria On is our online channel for tasty dishes and menus for adults.

Ampliar información Culinaria Kids

At Culinaria Kids, we cater to the specific nutritional requirements of the youngest diners with a specific line which caters to children and teenagers.


Technological innovation and people at the service of traditional cuisine

Vista exterior planta

State-of-the-art production plant

All of our food production processes take place in a unique and innovative production plant located in Silleda in the heart of Galicia where we combine traditional cooking procedures with state-of-the-art preservation systems.

Sistemas de gestión de la calidad

Integrated Quality Management Systems

Thanks to our Integrated Quality Management System, which has implemented the ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN-ISO 22000:2005 Standards, our centre is able to achieve a high degree of planning and organisation, as well as guarantee an optimum level of quality, health and safety.

Innovación en control y conservación

Innovation in planning and control

Specific management, planning and control applications, and our own adapted fleet. If required, we also have innovative remote control tools that guarantee the safe preservation of different dishes and meals upon arrival at the place of destination.

Equipo humano comprometido

Committed team

We manage all of this thanks to a team of more than 150 professionals, who undergo ongoing training to attain a high degree of specialisation making them one of the company’s main assets.

In our experimental kitchen, we are constantly developing new dishes so that we can offer a wide and varied menu, with a high degree of rotation.